The Announcer Talkback Box

The Announcer box has two push buttons on top. The left button marked talkback performs the same functions as the one button box. The additional button is a cough switch only. When it is depressed the mike is muted to the air circuit and the talkback circuit. Both the one button and two button boxes have 3 pin XLR connectors for the microphone input and 2 - 1/4" jacks for the headset ear piece. One jack is mono or interrupt only and one jack is stereo with interrupt audio in one ear and non interrupt audio in the other ear.

A multi pin XLR connector (usually 6 pin) can also be added to the front of the box. This serves as a convenient way to terminate an announcer headset. This connector is in parallel with the existing 3 pin XLR connector and 1/4" jacks. There is no switching.