Announcer Talkback Box Specifications

Frequency Response - Headphone Amp 75HZ to 10kHz +0.-6db

Headphone Impedance Range - 16 to 2000 ohms

Power - 14 to 33vdc (from RTS 4010 Central Electronics or IFB-828 Interface Unit

Quiescent Current - 50 ma Typical

Talkback Output Level -10db Typical, Balanced, Transformer Isolated

The "Talkback Box" is designed to be driven from a RTS Model 4010 Central Electronics or IFB-848 Interface unit output. A normal output channel from these units can drive 3 RTS 4020 Portable User Stations. Since one "Talkback Box draws the equivalent current of two Portable User Stations it is desirable to run a "Talkback Box" and only one other portable user station from a single IFB station.